House Bill 1091


On Monday, October 6, 2014, The House of Representatives took a stand against the escalating gun violence in the city of Philadelphia and passed House Bill 1091. The legislation would increase the sentence for illegally carrying of a firearm in Philadelphia under Title 18, Section 6108 to a third degree felony and add a mandatory minimum sentence of at least two years of total confinement; currently the offense is a misdemeanor.

“I thank the legislature for their important votes on House Bill 1091,” said District Attorney Seth Williams. “House Bill 1091 will help us make the City of Philadelphia and its neighboring communities safer by providing additional tools in our fight against gun violence. It is the criminals who carry guns illegally who are responsible for the tragic losses of too many Philadelphians, like three year-old Tynirah Borum. In August I stood alongside Representative John Taylor, Senator Larry Farnese and District Attorneys from the counties surrounding Philadelphia just around the corner from where she was shot and killed. We spoke out about the need for better legislation that would take firearms out of the hands of criminals and make our streets safer. Just a day after that press conference, there was a shooting a few blocks away from that location, making the need for HB 1091 even clearer and more urgent.”

“I would like to thank State Representative Taylor for his great leadership in sponsoring this bill and being a champion for a safer Philadelphia,” continued DA Williams. “Senator Farnese has also provided extensive work and support with his companion bill in the Senate and we extend our gratitude to him is well. I would also like to acknowledge the District Attorneys from our surrounding counties—Delaware, Bucks, Montgomery and Chester—who stood beside us in support of this legislation.”


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