Philadelphia Police Officer Charged With False Identification to Law Enforcement Authorities


February 2, 2015: Philadelphia- Today, the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office charged 28-year-old Brandon Ruff, a Philadelphia Police Sergeant, with one count of False Identification to Law Enforcement Authorities, 18 Pa.C.S. § 4914.

The allegations are that on August 3, 2014, Sgt. Ruff, then assigned to the 16th District, arrived at the 35th District headquarters in civilian clothing carrying a bag containing three handguns that he asked to surrender.  When Sgt. Ruff responded to an officer’s inquiry that the guns were not his, police began to investigate in order to determine whether any of the guns were stolen or had been used in a crime.  Sgt. Ruff informed the officer that the guns came from a family member and he knew nothing else about them.

When a second police officer went to retrieve the guns, she asked Sgt. Ruff for his name and date of birth in order to record the interaction.  Sgt. Ruff responded with the alias “Ryan Jones” and a fabricated date of birth.

Sgt. Ruff began to get agitated and began to leave the building.  Once outside, other officers from the 35th District stopped him and observed a bulge in his waistband that a search revealed to be his privately-owned handgun.  Sgt. Ruff continued to refuse requests for identification and his permit to carry that handgun.

Once back inside the building, a police officer conducted a more thorough search and discovered Sgt. Ruff’s police identification.  All three guns came back to different owners, with one having been reported stolen out of South Philadelphia in 2010.



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