February 6, 2015 : Philadelphia – Detectives from the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office Insurance Fraud Unit investigated Demetrius Faust and Dennis Carr after receiving a referral from Repwest Insurance Company. On September 29, 2011, the Philadelphia Police reported that an individual driving a rented U-Haul truck struck a parked 2003 Honda Accord. The police officer reported that there were no passengers in the U-Haul truck at the time of the accident nor did any individuals claim to be hurt. However, Repwest later received letters of representation from an attorney who stated that he represented five individuals who were allegedly hurt in this accident, including Dennis Carr and Demetrius Faust. Insurance Fraud Unit detectives retrieved the Repwest Insurance file which included a statement from Dennis Carr where he alleged that he was driving the U-Haul truck at the time of the accident. This statement contradicted the police report in which another individual is named as the driver. The investigation later revealed that both Faust and Carr filed injury claims against Repwest Insurance Company when they had not actually been present during the accident. Faust was arrested on January 8, 2015 and Carr was arrested on January 16. Both were charged with Insurance Fraud (F3), Insurance Fraud (M2), Conspiracy and Attempted Theft by Deception. Both are scheduled for status listings in late February at the Philadelphia Municipal Court.


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