PHILADELPHIA (April 30, 2015) – Philadelphia District Attorney R. Seth Williams and Philadelphia Inspector General Amy L. Kurland today announced the arrest of Ri Quang Wu for bribing a property evaluator from the Philadelphia Office of Property Assessment (OPA). Wu is charged with Bribery in Official and Political Matters and Obstruction Administration of Law or Other Governmental Function.

“Big or small, a bribe is a bribe and it will not be tolerated,” said District Attorney Seth Williams. “I applaud the dedicated public servants in this case who not only acted with extreme professionalism but were true to their oath to serve the citizens of Philadelphia with integrity. I’d also like to thank Inspector General Kurland and her team for their continued good work and partnership.”

On May 5, 2014, the Philadelphia Office of Inspector General (OIG) was contacted by the OPA because one of their property evaluators was given a bribe of $300 by Ri Quang Wu (date of birth: 4-12-1956) during a property reassessment that took place on the 500 block of Mountain Street in South Philadelphia.

“This case is especially important because it shows that the City of Philadelphia is not for sale, that city employees are indeed honest and hardworking and that we won’t tolerate our reputations being tarnished. We value our strong partnership with the District Attorney’s office – together we can make the city a better place,” said Inspector General Kurland.

On April 29, 2014, at a Bureau of Revenue and Taxation (BRT) property assessment appeals hearing for the Mountain Street property, all parties agreed to set up an interior reassessment for the property. Mr. Wu was at the hearing and the reassessment was scheduled for May 5, 2014.

During the reassessment Wu “bumped” into the evaluator and stuffed $300 into his pants. After trying to return the money, and Wu repeatedly refusing to take it back, the evaluator returned to the OPA, alerted his supervisors and turned in the $300. OPA then notified the Office of Inspector General who engaged the District Attorney’s Office to have Wu arrested after a review of the evidence. Wu is currently being held in custody by the Philadelphia Police Department.



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