Philadelphia – Detectives from the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office Insurance Fraud Unit investigated Spanish Alexander and Farrah Samuels for insurance fraud after receiving a referral from Progressive Insurance Company. On February 19, 2015, Spanish Alexander was driving his wife’s 2007 BMW when he struck the right side of a 2010 Mazda CX7 at the intersection of 4th and George Streets in Philadelphia. Spanish Alexander and his wife, Farrah Samuels, exited the car along with their daughter. Prior to the Philadelphia police arriving on the scene, Alexander approached the driver of the 2010 Mazda and accepted responsibility for the accident, but asked the driver to report that Farrah Samuels had been driving the car instead of him. Both Alexander and Samuels later fraudulently reported to Progressive Insurance Company in recorded statements that Samuels had been driving the BMW. The Nationwide insured driver of the Mazda also recounted the incident to Progressive and informed the investigator that Alexander had asked her to report that Samuels had been driving the car. The investigation revealed that Alexander was an excluded driver from Samuels’ Progressive insurance policy and therefore, he and his wife attempted to conceal the fact that Alexander had been driving in order that they would receive coverage for the accident. Alexander and Samuels were arrested on April 24, 2015 for Attempted Theft by Deception, Insurance Fraud, Criminal Conspiracy and False Reports. They are next scheduled for a status listing in Philadelphia Municipal Court on June 1, 2015.


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