Philadelphia – Detectives from the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office Insurance Fraud Unit investigated Darryl Sewell after receiving a complaint from one of his customers. Sewell owns PSK Auto Body and was previously arrested in November of 2013 by DAO Insurance Fraud detectives for cashing insurance claim checks but failing to properly repair vehicles. In this incident, the complainant brought her 2012 Toyota Camry to PSK Auto Body after receiving a recommendation from a friend. The car was involved in an accident and had damage to the driver’s side rear bumper, trunk lid and tail light. Sewell told the woman that her 2012 Toyota Camry would be repaired within several weeks; however, Sewell failed to return the Camry for approximately six months. When the complainant finally did receive her vehicle, she discovered that there was damage inside of her truck, her GPS was missing, there was dog hair in the back of her car and several lights were out. When the woman took her vehicle to a car dealership for an inspection, she also learned that the factory airbags were taken out of her car and replaced with after-market airbags. The complainant stated that the airbags had not deployed in that accident nor had they deployed before that incident. Therefore, there would have been no need to replace the airbags.

Detectives retrieved the Allstate claim file which contained photographs of the damaged vehicle taken by the Allstate appraiser. When the complainant was showed these photographs, she denied that any of these damages were present when she dropped her vehicle off at PSK Auto Body. Sewell received a total of five thousand dollars to make repairs to the Toyota Camry. He failed to do the proper work and instead enhanced the damages and replaced original parts with shoddy after-market substitutes. Sewell was arrested on July 10, 2015 for Theft by Deception, Insurance Fraud, Theft by Unlawful Taking and Theft – Receiving Stolen Property. He is next scheduled for a status listing in Philadelphia Municipal Court on July 20, 2015.


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