PHILADELPHIA (Nov. 2, 2015) – Philadelphia District Attorney R. Seth Williams today reminded voters to call the District Attorney’s Election Fraud Task Force if they experience any difficulty casting their ballot. The office’s hotline numbers are 215-686-9641, 9643 and 9644. And, while joined by President and CEO of the Committee of Seventy David Thornburgh, he reminded all Philadelphians that they need to vote tomorrow.

“When the polls open tomorrow my Election Day Fraud Task Force will be ready to answer your calls, so we want to hear from you,” said District Attorney Seth Williams. “And, thanks to the hard work and dedication of The Committee of Seventy and the men and women of the Election Fraud Task Force, I’m hopeful that we will have a smooth election as Philadelphians head to the polls to elect our next mayor, city council and judges.”

The Task Force has more than 60 Assistant District Attorneys and several dozen Detectives who are available to address any Election Day concerns. Typically, the Task Force is asked to respond to allegations of illegal voting, candidate write in issues, refusal of election boards to recognize poll watcher certificates and illegal electioneering.

Over the past twenty years, the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office and the Committee of Seventy have partnered to protect each Philadelphian’s vote and to monitor Election Day complaints.

“There’s nothing more important in our democracy than voters’ confidence in the integrity of the election process,” said Committee of Seventy CEO David Thornburgh. “The continued vigilance of the DA’s office in responding to complaints is critical to sustaining that confidence.”

The Committee of Seventy will be complementing the efforts of the District Attorney and the City Commissioners with its 1-855-SEVENTY Election Hotline and 300 high school students assisting voters at the polls as Election Ambassador Corps members. Seventy will also be distributing an online voter survey to gauge voters’ experience with the voting process and confidence in the system.

In 2014, Williams created the Election Fraud Task Force to investigate and prosecute allegations of Election Day criminal activity. The Task Force continues to be part of the District Attorney’s Special Investigations Unit and is staffed by Assistant District Attorneys and Detectives. The DAO will also issue Election Day updates via its Twitter account while the polls are open.



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