Letter to the Editor Responding to DA Settles Lawsuit (01/26/16)


I want to set the record straight about the Daily News’ 01/26/16 story entitled DA Settles Lawsuit. In the story, the reporter failed to mention two things. First, that he was the reporter who received the leaked information in 2011 from the individual profiled and failed to disclose that in his article. Second, that the individual who was not fired was treated differently because he was honest, remorseful and admitted that he conspired with the profiled employee to improperly share expungement information that could harm another assistant district attorney. I am proud of my record, my decisions and the way I have run the District Attorney’s Office.

When I chose to prosecute Dr. Kermit Gosnell, people thought I did it for political reasons. I did not, I did it because he was committing horrific crimes.

When I chose to charge Monsignor William Lynn with shielding pedophile priests, people thought I did it because I was anti-Catholic; that is outrageous. I did it because priests who rape and victimize young boys should not be hidden.

When I chose to prosecute six African-American Philadelphia elected officials – men and women – who were taking bribes for political favors, people thought I did it because I was against African-American elected officials. I chose to proceed with the case because what they did was illegal.

When I chose to stand up for and support a young African-American Assistant District Attorney, some thought I was wrong, but now that young lawyer has made a great success of himself in our legal community.

When I prosecuted a police lieutenant for punching a Hispanic woman at a parade, I was not anti-police or pro-Hispanic, I was just doing my job.

When I reorganize my office and put women at the top of my organizational chart, I’m not anti-male.

When I did to not fire career prosecutors who participated in the exchange of offensive emails at a previous job, people said I’m anti-black, anti-women, anti-gay and pro-white; which couldn’t be farther from the truth.

When I choose to discipline employees – men and women, black and white – to differing degrees; I’m not pro- or anti-anything, I’m attempting to be fair and not discriminatory.

And when the Philadelphia Daily News says that I’m pro-black, anti-woman and someone who regularly uses discriminatory practices to run my office, I can’t help but be disappointed.

I want to make this clear; I treat everyone in my office equally and make decisions based on the merits and facts at my disposal. My number one job is to keep all Philadelphians, regardless of gender, race, age or political affiliation, safe from crime, fraud and corruption and I take that role seriously.


Seth Williams, Philadelphia District Attorney



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