Philadelphia – Detectives from the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office Insurance Fraud Unit arrested Cameron McCary and Anthony Foster for conspiring to file a fraudulent theft claim with Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company. On May 13, 2015, McCary contacted Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company and reported that his book bag, which contained sixteen pieces of jewelry valued at approximately fifty five thousand dollars, had been stolen from the SEPTA Route 47 bus where he was a passenger on May 12, 2015. McCary then filed a lost and found report with SEPTA and an insurance claim with Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company.

On May 12, 2015, McCary went to the SEPTA headquarters in Philadelphia and filed a report for stolen jewelry. During an interview with a SEPTA detective, McCary stated that he had been a passenger on the SEPTA Route 47 bus when his book bag containing his jewelry was stolen from the floor of the bus.  Insurance Fraud Unit detectives reviewed SEPTA surveillance footage from the Route 47 bus which shows McCary boarding the bus at the intersection of 6th Street and Erie Avenue in Philadelphia. The footage shows McCary sitting in an aisle seat facing the center of the bus and placing his book bag on the step to the right of his seat. At the next stop, a male in a gray hooded sweatshirt boards the bus and stands in the rear exit door near McCary’s seat. About five minutes after the male boards, he moves from the rear exit door to sit directly behind McCary. While changing his position, the male falls on to McCary who never reacts and continues to talk on his cell phone. Ten minutes after the male sits down, he gets off the bus at the intersection of 8th Street and Cecil B. Moore Avenue and takes McCary’s book bag with him. Detectives later interviewed the bus driver assigned to this route on the day of the alleged theft, and she stated that no one reported a book bag with jewelry missing to her on that date.

On May 13, 2015, McCary called Jewelers Mutual to report the alleged theft of his jewelry. During a later interview with a claims adjuster, McCary reported that he had been traveling with his jewelry on a SEPTA bus with the goal of depositing the pieces at a new safety deposit box at the TD Bank at 13th and Market Streets in Philadelphia. McCary related that sixteen out of his eighteen insured pieces of jewelry were missing. McCary denied having receipts for any of these purchases. McCary also told the adjuster that he usually stored his jewelry in a safety deposit box at the TD Bank in Cherry Hill, New Jersey; however, he had picked up his jewelry from TD Bank about six weeks prior to the theft on the bus and brought it to his apartment in Philadelphia.

Detectives reviewed McCary’s TD Bank safety deposit access records which contradicted McCary’s statement to Jewelers Mutual Insurance. The safety deposit access records indicated that McCary’s last visit to the deposit box was on February 28, 2014 and not six weeks prior to the date of the theft. When the Jewelers Mutual adjuster showed McCary a transcript of his first interview, he changed the date of his last visit to the safety deposit box to about a year prior to the date of the theft, which more closely matched his safety deposit access records.

McCary first obtained his policy with Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company on June 5, 2014 and McCary continued to add pieces of jewelry to his policy through March 2015. On his initial insurance application, McCary stated he kept the jewelry in a safety deposit box. However, McCary’s safety deposit access records indicate that he had not visited the deposit box since February 2014, and therefore, the jewelry had never actually been kept in the safety deposit as McCary alleged on his policy application.

At the conclusion of the investigation, detectives interviewed acquaintances of McCary who related that McCary had told them that he staged the theft of his jewelry in order to file a fraudulent insurance claim. The witnesses stated that McCary arranged for his roommate, Anthony Foster, to board the SEPTA bus and pretend to steal his book bag. The witnesses also said that McCary chose to stage this theft on a SEPTA bus because he knew the act would be recorded and this could help verify his claim to Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company.

Cameron McCary was arrested for Criminal Conspiracy, Attempted Theft by Deception, Insurance Fraud (F-3), Insurance Fraud (M-1) and False Reports on February 4, 2016. Anthony Foster was arrested for Criminal Conspiracy, Attempted Theft by Deception, Insurance Fraud and False Reports on January 22, 2016. Both are scheduled for status hearings in Philadelphia Municipal Court in the upcoming month.





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