If found guilty, Jeffries faces an additional three life sentences

PHILADELPHIA (March 17, 2016) – Philadelphia District Attorney R. Seth Williams today announced that after a review by an Investigating Grand Jury, he is charging Quadir Jeffries (DOB: 12/5/91) with three counts of Murder for the February 13, 2014, killing of Keurlin Charles, Brian Williams and Vagner Freemont.

He is also being charged with three counts of Robbery (F1), one count of Burglary (F1), one count of Possession of an Instrument of Crime (M1), one count of Carrying Firearm without a License (F3), one count of Carrying a Firearm on the Public Streets (M1) and one count of Conspiracy (F1).

“Quadir Jefferies committed a horrible, triple murder,” said Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams. “And I chose to submit his case to the Investigating Grand Jury because certain witnesses were reluctant to give simple answers to simple questions. I’m thankful for the good work of the Grand Jury and investigators, and hopeful that the families of Keurlin Charles, Brian Williams and Vagner Freemont will begin to receive the justice they deserve.”

Keurlin Charles, Brian Williams and Vagner Freemont were shot and killed inside a home on the 6300 block of Martins Mill Road in Philadelphia. All three victims were shot execution style with gunshot wounds to the head. After a detailed investigation, the physical and circumstantial evidence established that Quadir Jeffries was one of two killers at the scene. The other killer was Cori Thompson. Thompson was arrested in October of 2015 after providing a statement to investigators. The evidence against Jeffries ties him to Charles’, Williams’ and Freemont’s murders because of three major facts. First, fired cartridge cases from the scene matched a fired cartridge case from the scene of a nonfatal shooting home invasion twenty-six days prior, for which Jeffries was convicted. The evidence in that case showed that Jeffries fired the gun that left the cartridge behind. Second, cellular information put him at the scene of the crime. And third, he had and used Brian Williams’ bank card after the murder.

Jeffries is currently incarcerated. In December of 2015 Quadir Jeffries, Alonzo Wallace and Hakim Blatch were found guilty by a jury of their peers of Conspiracy (F1), Burglary (F1), Robbery (F1), and two counts of Aggravated Assault (F1) for a violent home invasion robbery that took place in the Hunting Park section of the City. Jeffries, Wallace and Blatch conspired to rob the 57-year-old male victim. Jeffries, Wallace and Blatch followed the victim to his house, gained entry through a co-conspirator, knocked a bedroom door off its hinges, and pistol whipped and stomped the victim in the face. Another person who was in the home at the time of the attack was shot by Wallace for confronting the trio. Jeffries, Wallace and Blatch took money and marijuana from the home and fled, but were eventually caught and convicted after female co-defendant pled guilty herself and testified against the attackers. Wallace was sentenced to 30-60 years, Blatch was sentenced to 23-46 years, and Jeffries 20-40 years.

The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office’s (DAO) investigation heard from many witnesses who corroborated the case’s evidence. In addition to the evidence and interviews, there was significant corroborating evidence from Jeffries’ own statements.

Jeffries will next appear, once a date has been scheduled, in court for his Preliminary Hearing.



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