PHILADELPHIA (July 12, 2016) – The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office today released the following statement on the Hon. Roxanne Covington’s decision to approve Kathryn Knott’s parole petition:

Today, Judge Covington granted Kathryn Knott’s parole petition. Ms. Knott completed five months of her five to ten month sentence of incarnation without any disciplinary infractions. The victims in this case were made aware of the petition and have no objection to it. I know that no amount of punishment or jail time can make what happened in Center City Philadelphia go away for the victims in this case, the LGBT community and the City of Philadelphia. But I also know that there is no legal proceeding that will bring fundamental equality and respect to all of our citizens; regardless of their race, gender, economic status or sexual orientation.

Was what Kathryn Knott and her fellow defendants did ugly and deplorable? Yes, it was. Do we need to keep fighting for equality and respect? Yes, we do. So, let’s use today’s proceedings as an opportunity to keep pushing forward and to make our neighborhoods and city a better place to live, love and work.

In February of 2016, Kathryn Knott was found guilty by a jury of her peers of two counts of Recklessly Endangering Anther Person, Simple Assault and Conspiracy for Simple Assault; all misdemeanor crimes. She was sentenced to serve five to ten months of incarceration followed by two years of reporting probation, she was also ordered to pay $2000 in fines for her role in the attack of a gay couple in Center City Philadelphia. Knott will, upon release, be on parole for the remainder of her ten month sentence and then begin two years of probation. In October of 2016, Knott’s co-defendants pled guilty for their role in the attack. Kevin Harrigan pled guilty to one charge of Simple Assault and one charge of Conspiracy. He was sentenced to three years of reporting probation and had to pay $314 in restitution. Phillip Williams pled guilty to one charge of Aggravated Assault and one charge of Conspiracy. He was sentenced to five years of reporting probation and had to pay $628 in restitution. Harrigan and Williams also agreed to perform 200 hours of community service at a LGBTQ organization/cause and are prohibited from going into Center City Philadelphia for the duration of their probation.



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