PHILADELPHIA (November 22, 2016) – Philadelphia District Attorney R. Seth Williams today announced that Philadelphia Police Officer Dorion Young is in custody for his involvement in the September 5, 2016, shooting that took place on the 2700 block of Taunton St. Young is charged with Attempted Murder (F1), Aggravated Assault (F1), Simple Assault (M2), Recklessly Endangering Another Person (M2) and Possession of an Instrument of Crime (M1).

“If you are a Philadelphia Police Officer, elected official or private citizen; you cannot use your gun to try to end an argument. And if you do, as I have said many times before, no matter your career or station in life, you will be charged fairly and to the fullest extent of the law for such a dangerous act,” said District Attorney Seth Williams. “So today, I am charging Philadelphia Police Officer Dorion Young with Attempted Murder and several other charges for the shooting of his son.”

On Labor Day 2016, off-duty Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) Officer Dorion Young was inside his home on the 2700 Block of Taunton St. with his two sons and his oldest son’s girlfriend. Young started an argument with his oldest son over the disrespect he felt about the use of the family car. He had his personal, loaded .40 caliber pistol in his pocket. The argument turned physical and Young started waving his pistol in the air yelling, “you my son and you aren’t going to keep disrespecting me.” When Young left the bedroom, his son closed his bedroom door and Young called 911. Young, still angry, broke the door down and began to fight physically with his son. As his son began walking away, Young fired two shots. One shot went through Officer Young’s shoe, the other struck his son in the back. A short time later, 911 was called again and police arrived on the scene. Young’s son was transported to Aria Hospital by ambulance.

After a thorough investigation by PPD’s Internal Affairs Division, Shooting Team that included police reports, 911 calls, more than a dozen interviews, photos, ballistic and DNA tests, and physical evidence; it was found that criminal charges were warranted.

Young, DOB 5/31/1970, was hired by the Philadelphia Police Department in November of 1991 and was last assigned to the 15th Police District. He has been suspended for 30 days with the intent to dismiss by the Philadelphia Police Department. His next appearance in court has yet to be scheduled.



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