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March 16, 2017

PHILADELPHIA (March 16, 2017) – Philadelphia District Attorney R. Seth Williams today announced the appointment of Kathleen E. Martin as the Office of the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Acting First Assistant District Attorney. Martin will also continue as the office’s Chief of Staff, General Counsel and Chief Integrity Officer. The appointment is effective immediately.

“When I appointed Kathleen Martin to be my Chief of Staff, General Counsel and Chief Integrity Officer; it was part of a long-overdue staffing reform package. She has done an amazing job in this role and today I have appointed her to be the Acting First Assistant District Attorney for the remainder of my term,” said District Attorney R. Seth Williams. “Filling this key, and currently vacant, position will keep stability and continuity in the office and ensure that many of the advances she has been championing continue uninterrupted.”

Since joining the office in Nov. of 2015, Ms. Martin has:

  • Supervised the DAO’s Training, Technology and Special Projects Division in addition to overseeing the Finance, Human Resources, Law Enforcement, and Communications Offices;
  • Helped launch a new Conviction Review Unit with supporting policies and protocols for the review of innocence claims while coordinating with other agencies to create a more transparent and rigorous investigatory review process;
  • Participated in a variety of key management committees including Capital Case Review, Juvenile Life Without Parole Review, City Strategic Planning, Criminal Justice Advisory Board, and others; and
  • Served as General Counsel to the District Attorney on civil matters.

Prior to joining the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, Ms. Martin enjoyed a 25-year career practicing law in the state and federal courts where she developed a reputation as a fierce litigator. In 2014 and 2015, Ms. Martin served as an ADA in Pike County, Pennsylvania where she represented the Commonwealth in a wide range of cases. During that time she assisted the Pennsylvania State Police and other law enforcement agencies during the month long manhunt for Eric Frein.