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April 26, 2017

PHILADELPHIA (April 26, 2017) – The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office today released the following statements on the charging of Off-Duty Philadelphia Police Officer Adam Soto and the guilty plea to all charges by Former Detective Ronald Dove:

Commonwealth v. Adam Soto

“After a comprehensive investigation, the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office has charged Officer Adam Soto in the death of Daniel Dimitri,” said Kathleen Martin, First Assistant District Attorney. “This is a particularly egregious act, not only because it took place mid-morning on a well-traveled intersection, but because Officer Soto, who once took an oath to serve and protect, is charged with literally running down and killing one of his fellow citizens.”

Background: On January 31, 2017, the defendant, while off-duty, struck and killed 50 year old Daniel Dimitri as he attempted to cross Cottman and Algon Aves. Soto was driving over 80 miles per hour, and has been charged with Homicide by Vehicle (3rd Degree Felony) and Involuntary Manslaughter (1st Degree Misdemeanor).

Commonwealth v. Ronald Dove

“Former Det. Ronald Dove’s guilty plea to several felony and misdemeanor charges today sends a clear message that if you are a police officer and you break the law, you will be investigated and prosecuted for your crimes,” said Kathleen Martin, First Assistant District Attorney.

Background: Today, Former Det. Ronald Dove plead guilty to six charges: Hindering Apprehension (3rd Degree Felony), Conspiracy to Hinder Apprehension (3rd Degree Felony), Flight to Avoid Apprehension (3rd Degree Felony), Obstruction of Administration of Law (2nd Degree Misdemeanor), Unsworn Falsification (2nd Degree Misdemeanor), and Tampering with Evidence (2nd Degree Misdemeanor). He pled guilty to conduct that included taking his girlfriend to Rochester, New York; removing potential evidence; and lying to investigators. Judge Carolyn H. Nichols sentenced him to 30 days to 23 months in prison, followed by three years of probation.




April 10, 2017

Cram brings community, investigative, and more than 20 years of policing experience to the position

PHILADELPHIA (April 10, 2017) – Philadelphia District Attorney R. Seth Williams today announced the appointment of Staff Inspector Michael P. Cram as the Acting Chief of County Detectives for the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office (DAO).

Before joining the DAO, Cram was the Police Staff Inspector for the Audits and Inspection Division of the Philadelphia Police Department (March to April 2017), Police Captain for the 25th Philadelphia Police District (Feb. 2014 to March 2017), and Police Captain for the 26th Philadelphia Police District (March 2009 to Jan. 2014). While in these positions, Cram worked tirelessly to make the City of Philadelphia safer and improve the connection between the department and the community through social media and the creation new community groups and partnerships.

“Acting Chief Michael Cram, welcome to the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, your years of leadership and community engagement, not to mention your military service, will be an enormous asset to the work we do each and every day here in the office,” said District Attorney R. Seth Williams. “I would also like to thank Philadelphia Police Commissioner Ross for allowing us to benefit from Inspector Cram’s leadership, and I applaud former Chief Detective Dr. Claude Thomas for his service. Dr. Thomas, it was a pleasure to work with you and I wish you all my best as you begin the next chapter in your professional career.”

Cram has a Master of Arts in Emergency and Disaster Management and a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from the American Military University. He also has a Graduate Certificate of Achievement in Criminal Justice Education from the University of Virginia. Michael is a United States Army veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, and is currently a Major in Temple University’s Reserve Officer Training Corps.

He has been recognized by the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for his commitment of community orientated policing (2015) and by the Philadelphia City Council for community service (2011). He currently lives in the Bustleton section of the city with his family.



April 6, 2017

Annual luncheon celebrates awardees during National Crime Victim’s Rights Week

PHILADELPHIA (April 6, 2017) – In celebration of National Crime Victim’s Rights Week, the Philadelphia Coalition for Victim Advocacy (PCVA) today honored four public servants at their annual luncheon and award ceremony. All of the honorees work in the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office (DAO).

“On behalf of the Philadelphia Coalition for Victim Advocacy and the District Attorney’s Office, congratulations to these four outstanding professionals for making such a difference in the lives of so many victims and witnesses of crime,” said John Delaney, Deputy of the Trial Division for the DAO. “It’s fitting that we honor these men and women during National Crime Victim’s Rights Week because, without their hard work and passion, we would not be able to make Philadelphia a safer place to live, work, and raise a family.”

The awards and awardees included:

  • Catherine Bachrach Victim Advocate Award – Amanda Bee, Victim Witness Coordinator, DAO Homicide Unit is being honored for making significant contributions to the lives of crime victims. As a liaison between the DAO and the Office of the Attorney General, Amanda has become a victims’ champion and works tirelessly to empower victims who are being relocated due to intimidation.
  • Barbara McPherson Award/Police Personnel Award – Officer Yusuf Jackson, DAO Police Officer is being celebrated for his role as a volunteer, youth advocate, and dedicated Officer. In addition to being assigned to the DAO, he is a volunteer presenter for the DAO’s Bridge to the Future Project, helping youth and preventing crime.
  • Lynne Abraham Prosecutor Award – Branwen McNabb, Assistant District Attorney, DAO Family Violence and Sexual Assault Unit (FVSAU) began working in the Unit in 2008. Since then she has made a name for herself as an advocate for the victims and witnesses of crime by successfully prosecuting several high profile cases. Ms. McNabb prosecuted Leon Watson, a youth football coach, who sexually abused five of the boys between the ages of eight and eleven years old, as well as Sumo Dukulah, an elementary school teacher, who was convicted of sexually abusing his daughter over the course of eight years.
  • Volunteer Award – Robert “Bob” Cavanaugh has served the victims and witnesses of crime during and after his professional career. Bob, who had a lengthy career in law enforcement, is being honored for his more than 15 years of support for the DAO’s Juvenile Division and for making each victim feel special. When Bob is not volunteering with the DAO, he volunteers at the Breast Feeding Resource Center.

PCVA began in 1980 as the Philadelphia Crime and the Elderly Coalition and was changed to Philadelphia Coalition for Victim Advocacy in 1983 to reflect its changing service population.

The annual luncheon is held during National Crime Victim’s Rights Week to honor those who have made significant contributions in addressing or advocating for the needs of crime victims. The mission of PCVA is to promote the rights of crime victims through systematic advocacy, education, and collaboration.